Suggested Links

The Children's Literature Web Guide
A personal page of exhaustive dimensions.

Kay E. Vandergrift
teaches about children's literature at Rutger's.
"We enter into Mr. McGregor's garden or the land of Oz
as if those places really exist while, at the same time,
acknowledge that they are not to be found in the actual
world of our everyday existence."
Or at least we haven't found them yet.

The Morton Grove (IL) Public Library's Kids' Webrary
features many links to activities for young folks
arranged by the Dewey Decimal Classification.
(let's hear it for consistency
(dance with who brung ya!))

This links to the home page of
The National Storytelling Network.

"Illustrated children's stories for kids of all ages"
at Children's Stories Online.

Kinder Planet
- the Internet playground for families with little kids.

Flix Productions
is the nom de net of a longtime colleague of mine,
Tom Guthery. He has a number of award-winning
educational games (DOS and Windows) for young children.

In trying to let folks know about my stories,
I have run across many places that feature shareware resources.
Here is one that I found particularly helpful:
Pass the Shareware Please
"Itís a shareware junkie's dream!"